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Swimming Pool Salt Water Conversion

Salt water swimming pools have become more popular among homeowners. The advantages of owning a salt water pool includes easier maintenance as well as water that does not irritate skin, eyes, or bleach clothes. Salt water pools contain electrolytic chlorine generators that convert common salt into chlorine for sanitation. This means that swimming pools using the salt water system will generate their own chlorine, as opposed to having to manually add chlorine to the swimming pool. There is no need to buy, transport & store chlorine in its various forms. Conventional chlorine can be hazardous and must be constantly replenished, but salt is completely safe and recycled daily, which reduces pool maintenance and the salt concentration is very low, less than a teaspoon per gallon of water.

If you currently have a conventional chlorine swimming pool and would like to discuss making a salt water conversion just give us a call at 615-444-9000. 

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